Are You Gambling On Your Forecast Accuracy?

by Don Tyler on June 16, 2010

Why isn’t this bigger news? Only 44% of sales forecasts come true. You might as well flip a coin or go to Vegas for better odds.

This was one of the many revealing results in a new CSO Insights study just completed. Many of you probably already know that CSO Insights, a leading sales effectiveness consulting firm, has been publishing for 16 years an annual Sales Optimization study that surveys more than 2500 sales practitioners and provides deep insight into sales effectiveness trends.

In 2010, CSO Insights saw some anomalies in the data, particularly how sales leaders and sales reps had diverging opinions on such critical sales metrics as quota attainment and forecast accuracy. To probe deeper, CSO Insights – in conjunction with Cloud9 Analytics – conducted the Sales Management Optimization 2010 study to find out what sales leaders really think about the state of the business. The results, as said before, were revealing.

To see for yourself, click here to download the report. Or, join Jim Dickie, CSO Insights Managing Director, for a live Webinar on June 23 by registering here. We think that after you see for yourself how poorly sales teams are performing, you’ll agree with us that there has to be a better way. And, fortunately, there is. We call it Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator.

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