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by Barbra Gago on August 5, 2010

Last week our CEO Swayne Hill participated in a panel at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford. The session was about SaaS companies and how they are making a successful transition from web 1.0 to web 2.0. There were a number of topics covered; security, accessibility, sustainability and scalability. One point Swayne made (shown in the below) was that SaaS companies really need to have a new more flexible “company culture,” that in order to really be successful, your first priority must be the success of your customers.

So as a SaaS company, how are you continuously providing value, and how is that radiating throughout your entire organization? To support his point, Swayne brought up the fact that before hiring a VP of Sales or Marketing, he hired a VP of Customer Success, to ensure constant support of the value the company adds to its customers lives.

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