Terminology: Performance Management (for the Front Office)

by Barbra Gago on September 6, 2010

Performance management, in the traditional sense, are activities (generally enabled by technology) to ensure consistency, optimization and goals are happening effectively. It’s something that can focus on groups, organizations, departments or employees, and manages behavior and results.
Performance management directly improves revenue, alignment with goals, time efficacy, motivation of employees and the optimization of business processes. It enables performance planning, coaching, and developing, but historically it’s only been used by the back office.
Front office performance management allows front office managers (Sales & Operations) to drive increased revenue through automating, planning and optimizing the sales process. It includes tools such as sales analytics applications that allow Sales and Operations managers to have one view into the pipeline, streamline the reporting process and more effectively manage sales reps through ”detect and correct” versus “measure & punish.” Applications such as these enable sales managers to be more relevant when coaching and mentoring, as well as forecast more accurately.
Front office performance management means having a clear view into the pipeline, knowing what’s changed all times, having a streamlined process and reporting platform, plus the ability to optimize the sales process through better people management.
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