What Is Business Performance Management?

BPM is a term used to define the processes, technologies, and best practices that business organizations use to optimize performance. Business performance management software helps to facilitate these processes and has historically been used by the office of finance in many large enterprises. The processes of planning, monitoring, managing for exceptions, analyzing, and re-planning can be effectively integrated into this type of software, which is why so many businesses have come to rely on it.

In today's modern enterprise, however, performance management software does little to support the emerging needs of operational performance management for line-of-business (LOB) management. In front-office operational areas such as sales, marketing, and service, managers have had to rely on transactional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Unfortunately, these transactional systems do not provide the kind of historical and trending information these LOB managers need to effectively manage their business.

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Using business performance management to run effective meetings

Operational Performance Management Software

Cloud9 Analytics solves this problem by providing the effective, expertly developed Operational Performance software that LOB managers and sales people need to effectively run their business. LOB managers are required to plan, monitor, analyze, and re-plan, on a quarterly, or even monthly basis, as opposed to annually or semi annually. This is beyond the scope of traditional, on-premise performance management solutions.

We understand the need for specialized software and products, which is why Cloud9 operational performance management solutions provide a historical record of what is changing in the sales pipeline. This allows sales leaders to instantly see how their teams are performing currently versus other periods in the past.

Nothing provides a more concrete look at progress made then the ability to compare your current pipeline to your pipeline from six months, or even a year previous. Armed with this historical information, sales leaders can then make better decisions on resource allocation, one-on-one rep coaching, and what deals to concentrate on in order to meet their goals and predict their business with confidence.

Take Your Business Performance to the Next Level

Staying ahead of your competition requires planning, strategy, and the right tools and technologies to help you realize your goal. Smooth integration of the progress of your sales pipeline with your overall sales and business goals and strategies is absolutely crucial. Without the proper organization, and implementation, however, even the best plans, strategies, and businesses can fail. Keep your business going strong and running smoothly with BPM software and products from Business Intelligence Solutions Company, Cloud9 Analytics.