Cloud9 Raises $8 Million in Venture Funding

“This additional investment not only validates the market’s acceptance of Cloud9 solutions with more than 90 customers worldwide, it underscores the tremendous pent-up demand for performance management solutions that span the entire front office to maximize revenue and improve performance,” said Swayne Hill, President and CEO of Cloud9 Analytics. “In the past, only Finance had purpose-built performance management applications. The burgeoning growth of CRM in the front office, however, has created a significant need for applications that help management plan their business, monitor performance, look for exceptions, and re-plan. That is the market opportunity Cloud9 seeks to fill.”

“Cloud9 has gained impressive market traction with its performance management applications built on a highly scalable and extensible platform,” said Rajeev Batra, Partner, Mayfield Fund. “Besides Cloud9’s fundamentally disruptive technology, we are impressed by the team’s deep analytics domain expertise and vision for the market.”

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