With Cloud9, our close rates increased by

Scott Johnson,
Sales Operations Manager,

M86 Security Improves Weekly Sales Meetings

"Cloud9 provides me with a single view of the truth I need to effectively manage my sales process in today’s economically challenging environment." Luis Curet
Vice President


M86 Security is a global provider of Web and messaging security products, delivering comprehensive protection to more than 20,000 customers and over 16 million users worldwide.

Business Challenge

  • Dramatic organic growth outstripped existing sales process and pipeline reporting capabilities
  • Additional product lines from M&A activity further increased the need for “What’s Changed” data unavailable in Salesforce.
  • Needed to clearly understand the impact of the economic downturn on the sales process to properly manage executive expectations


  • Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator for rep coaching and fact-checking
  • Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports to drive weekly sales meetings and executive reports


  • Streamlined weekly sales meetings by focusing on “What’s Changed” Increased win rates
  • Provides visibility across all product lines to spot trends and risks while there is still time to course-correct
  • Tracks sales rep performance to identify top performers and help coach at-risk individuals
  • Simplifies complex sales performance reporting for board-level consumption
  • Enables superior process management and reporting with fewer resources
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