Your sales pipeline is your company’s lifeline.

Now more than ever, companies are focused on revenue growth. But managing that growth isn’t easy if you can’t manage your teams effectively. Today’s transactional CRM systems automate business processes, but not the management process. Sales leaders need simple yet powerful applications to help them set goals, plan, execute, evaluate and adjust. With Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite, sales leaders can:

  • Align all parts of the sales organization to drive revenue
  • Instantly see changes in the sales pipeline; eliminate opportunity risk
  • Accurately predict sales forecasts
  • Analyze geographic, historical, and projected performance
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Always know what’s happening in your sales pipeline.

Traditional CRM systems don’t provide a record of what’s changed, so managers can’t track how the team is performing. So they turn to costly and difficult-to-use BI tools and spend all their time building reports. And still they don’t get what they need. But with Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite, sales ops can:

  • Easily provide up-to-the-minute pipeline information and sales forecasts
  • Spend their time addressing strategic issues instead of jockeying data
  • Quickly deploy pipeline and forecasting solutions to their global teams
  • Seamlessly integrate back-office data with pipeline information – without IT
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Simplify reporting, forecasting, & getting home earlier.

Sales are the engine that drives company growth. But they often find that their CRM systems get in the way of selling. What if they had a solution that made selling simpler and more streamlined? After all, sales is all about results. And any system that helps contribute to getting those results means less work for everyone. Now with Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite, sales reps can:

  • Analyze goals, changes and plans, and update them quickly
  • Instantly see where you are in terms of goals and opportunities
  • Manage and predict revenue and forecasts
  • Track sales activity and history to better understand customer needs
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The solutions sales teams need don’t have to come from you.

You want to support business users but resources are thin and the priority list is long. That’s where the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite comes in.  At Cloud9, we’ve built our SAS 70 Type 2-audited solutions to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. So you can deploy Cloud9 with confidence, knowing your organization is getting the highest level of security, reliability, and availability. Cloud9 can ensure business users:

  • Have the right solutions sales teams need to drive revenue and manage operations
  • Securely deploy performance management apps in days, not weeks or months
  • Adopt these solutions effortlessly with ease-of-use and business-driven configuration
  • Reduce support and maintenance overhead so IT can concentrate on its core mission
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