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Scott Johnson,
Sales Operations Manager,

Forecasting & Pipeline Management Webinars


Top 5 Ways to Increase Revenue with Sales Analytics

Are you under pressure to deliver more business but worried that your team is already stretched to its limits? Did you know that organizations that are better at forecasting are better at growing revenue? Hear Ventana Research Chief Research Officer Mark Smith unveil best practices and research into how to use sales analytics to create accurate and timely forecasts and know how to focus on the right deals to close more business faster.

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  • What are the common success factors for all these top performing sales organizations? They all have invested in an improved sales process – a template of selling best practices that enables their people to perform at a consistently higher level of productivity.

  • Hear Brainshark, a leading on-demand presentation technology provider, explain how visibility into pipeline risk and opportunity translated to $1.6M in additional revenue!