While what firms want managers to focus on is clear, how to make these key objectives happen is not.”

-2012 Sales Management Optimization Study – Key Trends Analysis

In this latest annual study, CSO Insights surveyed over 625 companies to assess the challenges facing the individuals leading sales teams, understand why these problems exist, and identify the best ways to invest in increasing the effectiveness of sales management groups.

This year’s results provide you 10 key trends noteworthy to all sales executives gathered from 130 metrics.  Gain insight into:

  • Trends in skills training for hiring and reviewing reps
  • New incentive management systems to help tie comp to rep behavior
  • The top rated sales management best practices
  • How to give sales managers more visibility into the pipeline and forecast to proactively manage teams

Download and read this report to review the top sales effectiveness initiatives that study participants are focusing on this year and get recommendations for how to effectively achieve those objectives.

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Sales Management Optimization: 2012 Key Trends Analysis

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