Cloud9 Analytics is the global leader in on demand performance management solutions delivered directly to line-of-business managers. The company's initial product, the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite for salesforce.com, enables sales leaders to more effectively manage their opportunities and teams. The result is a dramatic increase in deal conversion rates, higher CRM adoption, and improved forecast accuracy.
  • Do you know what's changed in your pipeline?
  • What deals do you need to concentrate on?
  • Why can't Salesforce tell you what you need to know?
Change Analytics shows you the difference that makes all the difference!

Sure, you know what your sales pipeline looks like today. But how has it changed from last week? What deals are coming in and what are falling out? Are you spending way too much time searching for the data that matters?

Help is on the way with a new article from CRM Magazine titled "Change Analytics: The Key to Proactive Pipeline Management".

Change Analytics unlocks the data in your Salesforce SFA to provide powerful business intelligence into what's really going on in your pipeline so you can make pipeline decisions that:
  • Dramatically increase win rates
  • Boost CRM adoption
  • Improve forecast accuracy
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Why Won't Salesforce Show You
What's Going On In Your Pipeline?

Cloud9 for Salesforce SFA Series