Cloud9 Analytics is the global leader in on demand performance management solutions delivered directly to line-of-business managers. The company's initial product, the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite for salesforce.com, enables sales leaders to more effectively manage their opportunities and teams. The result is a dramatic increase in deal conversion rates, higher CRM adoption, and improved forecast accuracy.
  • Win Rates are at an all time low...
  • Marketing budgets are frozen...
  • Reps face higher quotas...
How are you going to make your number in 2009?

is on the way with a new whitepaper from CSO Insights titled, "Pipeline Management Adaptability: Improving Win Rates in a Down Economy."

Sales effectiveness guru Jim Dickie tells you how to succeed in 2009 by managing your pipeline with a new generation of pipeline analytics and business intelligence solutions from Cloud9.

In this information-packed report, Jim will show you how proper pipeline analytics and sales conversion management can improve sales forecast accuracy and result in a 30% improvement in revenue contribution.

If you use Salesforce, register now to download the whitepaper. It may make all the difference in hitting your 2009 targets.

Achieve a 30% Increase In Revenue
With Dynamic Pipeline Management

Cloud9 for Salesforce SFA Series