Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise Custom Hierarchies

Automatic Support for Standard and Custom hierarchies for Precise Visibility Across The Organization

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise provides support for standard hierarchies in Salesforce – Role and Territory Assignment – as well as custom hierarchies to support the pipeline visibility requirements of even the largest global enterprises.

Many organizations use out-of-the-box hierarchies in Salesforce. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator automatically infers the hierarchies established in Salesforce and presents pipeline visibility that directly corresponds to the user’s visibility rules. So sales managers only see what they are supposed to see – nothing more, nothing less.

Many organizations, however, roll up their pipeline visibility in different ways. Overlay teams. By geographies or industries. Even by product. This can make pipeline visibility a daunting task for traditional BI tools. But Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator seamlessly supports custom hierarchies and visibility rules so that sales managers see one view of the pipeline that is relevant to them while overlay managers, finance, operations, or even product management can see different views of the same pipeline data that is relevant to their function.

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator support for custom hierarchies is defined at the initial configuration stage of the Cloud9 onboarding process.

Standard Salesforce Role Hierarchy

Ensures pipeline visibility is exactly the same as defined in Salesforce

  • Sales managers see pipeline data for the teams they are responsible for
  • Pipeline visibility rolls up incrementally to sales leadership
  • Visibility rules directly inherited from Salesforce – as role visibility changes, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator automatically adapts to any changes

Territory Management Hierarchy

Automatically supports territory management hierarchy in Salesforce

  • View pipeline rollups by territory
  • Provide territory-based views to extended stakeholders by adding users to territory visibility in Salesforce
  • Easily expand and collapse territory views depending on pipeline visibility requirements

Custom Hierarchies

Provides custom hierarchy visibility not supported in Salesforce

  • View pipeline by product lines, geographies, overlays, and other custom visibility rules
  • Easily define new hierarchies as needed for additional stakeholder visibility
  • Hierarchy changes automatically pushed back into Salesforce