Cloud9 is growing under the direction and leadership of some of the most innovative and experienced executives in business.

Executive Team

  • Jim Burleigh, CEO
  • Swayne Hill, SVP, Global Field Operations
  • Scott Wiener, Chief Technology Officer
  • Tracy Eiler, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stephan DeRodeff, SVP, Engineering
  • Neil Mendelson, VP, Products
  • Tracey Kaufman, Area Vice President, Customer Experience
  • Mike Rossi, Area Vice President, Field Technology

Board of Directors

  • Jim Burleigh, CEO Cloud9
  • Bruce Cleveland, Partner, InterWest Partners
  • Mike Boich, Independent Director
  • Pete Sinclair, Managing Director, Leapfrog Ventures
  • Rajeev Batra, Partner, Mayfield Fund

Advisory Board

  • Jim Dickie, Managing Partner, CSO Insights
  • Steven Mankoff, Independent Director, Advisor & Investor
  • Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO, Zuora
  • David Berman, President and CEO, Affectiva, Inc.

Cloud9 raised our forecast accuracy at the first week of the quarter from 60% to 95%.
Jon Jung,
Sales Ops Manager
Jon Jung,<br>Sales Ops Manager