Karen Steele

Performance Management for the Front Office Is Here

Today, Cloud9 Analytics embarks on a new and exciting chapter in business analytics with Performance Management Applications for the Front Office. As a natural outgrowth of Cloud9’s mission to deliver analytic applications directly to business users, this new category of solutions offers front office managers the same kind of visibility and power the office of Finance has enjoyed for years with Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. But rather than controlling costs in Finance, this new class of applications is designed to drive revenue growth by automating the planning, executing and optimization process for front office managers.
For too long, front office managers have gone without automation for key management processes, resulting in use of labor intensive, disconnected and uninformed tools. This lack of automation leads to wide variation in performance across front line management teams. The next wave of corporate productivity gains will come from enabling a smarter management process and Cloud9 will accelerate the realization of these gains for customers. Cloud9 today unveiled a roadmap of performance management solutions designed to deliver value to sales, marketing, operations and other front office functions.
Cloud9 is also pleased to also announce that it has secured additional venture funding, led by industry luminary Mayfield Fund, in order to accelerate the development of these new performance management solutions. This investment underscores Cloud9’s vision and momentum in the market. Most of all, however, is the fact that Cloud9’s more than 90 customers are seeing revenue acceleration and performance gains today. The types of performance management applications we intend to build are entirely customer-driven, solving very deep and very real pain in today’s modern enterprises.
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