Tracey Kauffman

Quick Tips: Pipeline Analytics for 1:1 Rep Coaching

We’ve found that best in class Sales Managers use 1:1 coaching sessions to review:
  • Performance against targets
  • Status of last week’s assignments
  • Identify risks and behavior gaps
  • Make new assignments with specific and time-bound deliverables

Things to consider; you get what you ask for, so be careful. Make sure that the metric(s) you’re using will result in improved sales performance. Reps generally just want to be left alone and will do what it takes to make that so. The problem with measuring rep performance on a single metric, such as pipeline coverage, is that if their goal is to have their pipe be 3-5x their quota, then that’s what you’ll get.

Unfortunately, there’s no measure of deal quality or information accuracy in that goal. Using Analytics will help you uncover this problem, look for; repeated deal deferrals and deals that are consistently closing at lower value.

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