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Morphing Regular Marketers into Revenue Marketers

**Note: While we generally discuss Sales specific topics, I recently attended the Marketo User Summit, and feel compelled to share my insights because I think it’s relevant to all audiences.
Marketing automation is growing a space, and as the methodologies that follow are embraced and implemented, it starts to become clear that marketing is now less about flashing lights and sounds–and more about analytics, hyper-targeted content (read value), and proactive behavior–leading to the role of Marketing being not just about driving “leads” (or as Jon Miller would call them, “names”) but rather, clearly driving revenue and being held accountable for it.
As our relationship with technology evolves, we see that’s it’s almost impossible to proceed or be successful in business without the alignment of Sales and Marketing (and actually, the entire organization). Technology such as marketing automation, is not only transforming the role of a marketer, but it’s truly enabling Sales and Marketing to share the same goals, insights, and responsibilities (revenue).
Last week, I attended the 2nd annual Marketo User Conference, and I have to say “wow” what an experience. Not only was the event seamlessly produced and the audience actively engaged (with Marketo and each other) but the content was truly stellar. In a time when “Content is King” Marketo did an excellent job proving their loyalty and devotion to it.
Marketo is actively leading the charge for the transformation of “regular” marketers in to “revenue” marketers, and they are leading by example. Every piece of content that was shared at this event supported their campaign for revenue marketing, and why? Because with the right technology, a real understanding of your prospects, and alignment between Sales and Marketing, Marketo has proven it works and their success can’t be denied. But more importantly, their message can’t be ignored.
According to Andre Pino of Forrester Research, the board wants to know three things; how’d we do this quarter, how’d we do last quarter, and how are we going to do next quarter? And, while Sales has always been responsible for concise answers here, now it’s Marketing turn to speak up. The problem it seems is the disconnect between “lead generation” and the “sales process” (red flag alert! two processes?). Andre points out the gap–nurturing & qualification, and explains that Sales and Marketing really need to work together to define a clear/seamless process that maps to buyer behavior and makes both parties equally responsible for revenue success.
Important: While marketing automation does play a major role in the success of a marketer, it’s really the methodology and thoughtfulness that goes into understanding your prospects, devoting yourself to a process that provides value through content, and being genuinely interested in their success that makes you a true Revenue Marketer.
Since there was such great conversation happening around the event–on and off-line, I thought I’d include some of my favorite tweets to give better insight into the overall atmosphere and energy that surrounded this year’s Marketo User Summit.
@ewsalus: Kudos to @marketo’s (unseen) event coordinator & team. Logistics, planning & trouble shooting are not easy. Well done! #mus10
@Michelejeank: Very impressed with @marketo’s growth and pace of innovation, expect to continue to see good things from them #mus10
@BarbraGago: Gotta say, @marketo did a great job adding the “cool-factor” to their customer summit #mus10
@HJSewell: Get more mileage from webinars: post highlights to YouTube with a link to the complete recording #mus10 [read his event summary 21 Tips]
@JonMiller2: Forrester’s @Andre114: Marketers should talk to the Board about revenue, not press clippings #mus10
@Datarati: FIRST CLICK ATTRIBUTION is like giving your first girlfriend credit for marrying your wife @avaninash #mus10 [ read his event summary]
@Jepc: Focusing on the continuum from lead to revenue is the only true way to align sales and marketing #mus10 [read his event summary]
@Marketo: The three pillars of email deliverability: technology, content and sender reputation #mus10
If you’d like to check out some of the content from the event, Marketo has uploaded all their slide decks to slideshare.
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