Barbra Gago

The State of Pipeline Management & Sales Forecasting

SiriusDecisions and Cloud9 Analytics invite you to please complete our 2010 Sales Pipeline and Forecasting Survey. Your responses will be invaluable in determining pipeline and forecast management characteristics of best-in-class sales organizations.
In exchange for your participation, SiriusDecisions will provide you with a complimentary executive report on the findings and an invitation to attend an exclusive executive Webcast. Plus you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free Apple iPad when you enter your email in your completed survey.
About the 2010 Sales Pipeline/Forecasting Survey: Today, best-in-class sales organizations are unlocking and leveraging the intelligence that resides within their pipelines like never before. They use this intelligence not only to forecast more effectively – but also to target sales enablement efforts with laser precision and improve overall sales productivity. But to unlock that intelligence, you’ll need to know where you stand on KPIs including:
  • How do your close rates compare with other sales organizations?
  • How well are you able to track the deals in your pipeline by individual sales stage?
  • How does your opportunity velocity compare with your peers?
  • Are you tracking the same critical pipeline data across your enterprise that other sales leaders are?
Find out where you stand, ensure a prosperous 2011. Participate Now!
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