Improving Sales Performance through Better Forecasting

If you’re like most organizations, sales forecasting is only a bit better than using a crystaCrystal balll ball-each sales rep looks at their list of target opportunities, puts their finger to the wind, submits a number up their management chain, and then goes back to what they were doing.  Not surprisingly, the resulting forecast is generally not very accurate.

Up to now most organizations accepted that as the best they could do. But recent research has shown that there’s a very strong link between sales effectiveness and better forecasting-organizations that are better at forecasting are also organizations that have higher win rates, better revenue growth, and more effective sales teams.

Why is that, and how can you improve your forecasting?  We’ll be covering those topics with Aberdeen Group’s Peter Ostrow in a live webinar on February 1 at 10am PST. Peter has done a lot of research into sales performance and sales effectiveness, studying organizations to understand what separates the top performers from the rest.  He’ll share some of the key learnings from his recent research with us in this webinar.

Register now to reserve your spot and learn why improving forecasting can help you be successful in 2012.

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