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Business Intelligence Software

With the advent of on-demand analytics programs from Cloud9 Analytics, business intelligence software has finally evolved from simple data collection and reporting to a powerful “help you understand and make better decisions” solution.

In the beginning, the business intelligence software industry made its name by collecting data and reporting facts. Business intelligence software solutions were expensive, took months to implement, and delivered answers that were typically of the “how much did we sell?” variety. Business intelligence software was good at summarizing what had already happened.

Although the business intelligence software industry is healthy and thriving, for many managers it still represents only a tool for getting visibility into what has already happened. An enormous market awaits business intelligence software solutions that really DO add business intelligence.

Imagine true intelligence for your business. An on-demand analytics service that helps you detect performance gaps early, take timely corrective action and deliver performance that exceeds expectations. And imagine this next-generation business intelligence software delivered as a service and simply appearing in your existing Salesforce screens. Like summaries of what’s changed in your current accounts, or opportunity-level visibility into your company history, or key performance measurements (like pipeline vs. forecast) emailed to your BlackBerry every day. Focused, integrated functions that help you make better decisions about the future.

Cloud9 Analytics delivers the next wave of business intelligence software. Our solutions literally add intelligence. Running in the background, they crunch numbers, look for patterns and help you do a better job.

Next-generation business intelligence software. For the intelligent business.

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