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Business Management Software

First-generation business management software automated basic record keeping for core business functions like finance, supply chain and human resources.  These business management software applications ended a lot of paper pushing but offered no visibility into business operations or improved decision making.

Second-generation business management software was commercial. Vendors standardized and extended their applications into more and more business areas, claiming their business management software truly helped manage businesses despite still offering mostly record keeping functionality. Commercial business management software could look back and tell you how your business was doing after the fact, but didn’t have the tools to allow you to make smart changes early and drive higher levels of performance.

Now, with the advent of on-demand business management software delivered as a service, managers can work smarter and use the business management software service that’s right for them to enhance their business’ performance.

This next-generation business management software offers the optimization tools smart managers need to deliver measurable results and achieve revenue and profit increases from higher team performance, greater individual contribution and larger shares of total customer value. The best tools offer suggestions based upon your own data.

Cloud9 Analytics offers the next generation of business management software. Cloud9 lets you make smarter, better, faster decisions, and optimize your world.

Welcome to the new world of business management software.

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