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Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management Blueprint Series

High-performance sales organizations close 30% more forecasted deals than average performing sales organizations. This astounding sales team performance gap was surfaced by Jim Dickie, Managing Partner of CSO Insights after analyzing thousands of sales organizations over the last 17 years. Now that you know the facts, Cloud9 is here to help you transform your business into a high performing sales organization.

The Cloud9 Blueprint Series contains proven techniques to dramatically improve ineffective sales processes that can hinder sales organizations from achieving high-performance status. By working with more than 100 leading sales organizations – including such high-performance customers as Siemens, MySpace, Avaya, Dow Jones, and Beckman Coulter – we distilled their secrets to sales process success into the Cloud9 Blueprint Series that includes:

  • Forecast Calls
  • One-on-One Rep Coaching
  • Weekly Sales Meetings
  • Increase Win Rates

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Managing Uncertainty, Risk and Opportunity in the Sales Pipeline

What do sales managers fear most? What they don’t know. That’s why sales forecasts are full of probabilities, sandbagging, and wishful thinking. Because there is so much in the pipeline that is unknown. But what if you could turn what is unknown into opportunity and risk – things you can actually see and manage?

For Brainshark, a leading on-demand presentation technology provider, visibility into pipeline risk and opportunity translated to $1.6M in additional revenue!

This Cloud9 Expert Series Webinar explores how a new class of performance management applications from Cloud9 are helping organizations turn uncertainty into known quantities today. And by knowing what opportunities and risks to manage, how organizations can improve win rates and boost forecast accuracy.

Join industry luminary Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research and Cloud9 customer Dave Fitzgerald, EVP of Sales, Marketing and Services for Brainshark, as they discuss how reducing uncertainty and managing risk and opportunity in the pipeline can help you:

  • Boost forecast win rates to increase revenue
  • Focus on working the deals that matter most
  • Run more efficient weekly sales meetings

About our Presenter
Dave Fitzgerald, executive vice president, oversees all aspects of Brainshark’s sales, marketing and service operations. He brings more than 20 years of sales, marketing, and customer services operations at high growth software companies. Prior to Brainshark, Dave was the senior VP of sales & services at ClearStory Systems, a digital asset management software company. He served as president and COO of the Americas operations for Eyretel, a British company providing call center optimization solutions.

During his three years at the company, his operations grew quarterly revenue and gross margins by over 250%. Prior to Eyretel, Dave was senior VP of sales & alliances at Xchange Applications where he participated in a very successful IPO. His career has been focused on building very successful, high-growth sales, services, and marketing operations focused on delivering value based business solutions.

Sales Management Optimization: Key Trends – CSO Insights

“The primary goal of sales management is to create an environment where ordinary people can achieve outstanding results.”- CSO Insights Advisory Board Member

This couldn’t be more true, however a challenge to achieve in this tough economic environment. In a landmark new study, CSO Insights surveyed over 600 companies to better understand the challenges that first line sales managers are encountering, determine why those problems exist, and learn how companies are addressing those issues by effectively leveraging people, process, technology and knowledge.

Gain insight into:

  • How to navigate the sales pipeline and forecast management dilemma
  • The ideal sales manager hiring profile
  • Keys to effective sales manager training
  • How sales managers should be allocating their time most effectively
  • The right approach to sales management compensation

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We increased our close rates by 5%, resulting in $400k found money every three months.
Dave Fitzgerald,
Dave Fitzgerald,<br>EVP