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Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management Blueprint Series

High-performance sales organizations close 30% more forecasted deals than average performing sales organizations. This astounding sales team performance gap was surfaced by Jim Dickie, Managing Partner of CSO Insights after analyzing thousands of sales organizations over the last 17 years. Now that you know the facts, Cloud9 is here to help you transform your business into a high performing sales organization.

The Cloud9 Blueprint Series contains proven techniques to dramatically improve ineffective sales processes that can hinder sales organizations from achieving high-performance status. By working with more than 100 leading sales organizations – including such high-performance customers as Siemens, MySpace, Avaya, Dow Jones, and Beckman Coulter – we distilled their secrets to sales process success into the Cloud9 Blueprint Series that includes:

  • Forecast Calls
  • One-on-One Rep Coaching
  • Weekly Sales Meetings
  • Increase Win Rates

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Performance Management Applications Turbocharge Time To Value for Sales Leaders

Excerpt: Recently, a conversation took place between a sales manager and a sales operations analyst at a large global enterprise. It went something like this:

Sales Manager: “I spend way too much time on reporting, can’t run a coherent sales meeting to save my life, and have no way to know if my forecast is accurate or not.”

Sales Operations: “There are some great BI tools out there that will let you build any sales report or dashboard. Some even come with customizable templates. Want to take a look?”

Sales Manager: “Did I also tell you I carry a quota? And have a team to manage? I don’t have time to become a BI expert!”

Sound familiar? While it’s true that Business Intelligence (BI) tools and platforms have gotten smarter in recent years, the end result is still the same: if you want a report or a dashboard, you have to become a BI expert. In sales, that just isn’t scalable.

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75% of our sales reps reported that coaching sessions improved or significantly improved.
Dave Henrichs,
Dave Henrichs,<br>BDM