Cloud9 Analytics Announces Major Business Expansion

Large Organizations Accelerate Adoption of Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Solutions.

San Mateo, CA, September 15, 2009 – Cloud9 Analytics, the leading provider of on-demand dynamic pipeline management solutions for, today announced the company has experienced significant business acceleration, customer acquisition and market momentum. After securing its Series B financing in June 2009, Cloud9 reported signing more than thirty new customers including AAA, Attivio, Lumenis, Taser International, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Thompson Reuters. As of August 31, 2009, Cloud9 has more than 20,000 CRM subscribers under management.

Global organizations are under tremendous pressure from today’s economic conditions to maximize their win rates, improve forecast accuracy, and ensure revenue predictability for senior management and shareholders. Cloud9’s Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provide instant visibility into what is changing in the pipeline so sales leaders can direct resources to mitigate risk and seize new opportunities before it’s too late to act. By providing this visibility as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud9 delivers rapid time to value just when these organizations are most in need.

According to the Sales Performance Optimization 2009 Survey from CSO Insights, win rates are at 5-year low. Yet 65% of the companies in their survey have frozen or reduced marketing expenditures, so sales leaders shouldn’t expect a windfall of leads. “The bottom line for organizations today is that they have to make better decisions on what to do with deals already in their pipeline,” said Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at CSO Insights. “But our data suggests organizations that can easily adapt their sales processes to swiftly-changing market conditions can realize as much as a 29% increase in revenue. That is why organizations are turning to new analytics solutions like Cloud9. They need to see what is proactively happening in their pipeline day to day, not in the rear-view mirror once the quarter is over.”

“I am a huge Salesforce fan, but Cloud9 gives us critical performance management capability that we just can’t get out of Salesforce,” said Jack Sands, CEO of Vforce-AAA. “As the renewal arm of AAA, Vforce provides local clubs with data on why members do not renew their subscription and it all comes out of Cloud9. The analytics performed across these huge data sets actually shape our service offerings and targeted marketing messages and undeniably demonstrates the ongoing strategic value of Cloud9 to our organization.”

“In these challenging economic times having a structured and repeatable process isn’t enough,” said Lori Rapoza, Director of Sales Operations at Brainshark. “Cloud9 Analytics’ Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions show us what is really changing in discrete sales stages and has enabled us to further refine our sales process for maximum productivity. Now, directors have greater insight and accountability into what is going on in their territory and that ultimately results in higher win rates.”
“Nearly every sales leader I speak with is under an executive-driven mandate to increase pipeline performance, especially the large, multi-national firms,” said Swayne Hill, CEO of Cloud9. “BI tools and platforms, even if they are SaaS-based, are not enough to deliver the rapid ROI these organizations require in today’s economy. Simply put, sales teams don’t want to become BI experts. They need performance management solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to use, and deliver immediate value. Cloud9 uniquely addresses these requirements because we remove all barriers to immediate adoption by business users.”

We increased our close rates by 5%, resulting in $400k found money every three months.
Dave Fitzgerald,
Dave Fitzgerald,<br>EVP