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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator application prioritizes sales opportunities, calculates pipeline coverage, ‘watches’ for changes in the current opportunity pipeline, and connects reps working on similar deals. 

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator answers important questions such as:
  • “Am I going to make my number?” 
  • “Where does my team need help?” 
  • “What should I work on right now?” 
  • “How can I push more CRM system value to my front-line users?”
  • “Can I create some custom sales analytics without having to call IT?”
Key Features

Forecast versus Pipeline
  • View by week, month or quarter
  • Filter by channel, product, region, etc.
  • Compare today’s forecast & pipeline to any other date in time
Team Performance
  • Displays team performance at all levels of the organization
  • Tracks individual performance by forecast, pipeline, won deals, and quota
  • Drillable organizational views
  • Prioritizes opportunities based on significant changes
  • Creates a watch list to track important deals
  • Drills through to opportunity pages

Like Deals

  • Connects sales reps working on similar deals
  • Search and sort for reference deals by global accounts, competitor, product, etc.
  • Embedded into opportunity pages
Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Customize dashboard widgets:  change rows, columns, chart types, filters and drill-down behavior
  • Multiple columns on a single dashboard widget
  • Outer-join support for exception dashboard widgets
  • Include custom fields in charts, data grids and filters
  • Access special date functions: 'as of', 'since', etc.

To learn more about Pipeline Accelerator:

Contact a Cloud9 Analytics Representative

Download the Pipeline Accelerator Datasheet (PDF)

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