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  • Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management Blueprint Series

    The Cloud9 Blueprint Series contains proven techniques to dramatically improve ineffective sales processes that can hinder sales organizations from achieving high-performance status.

  • Managing Uncertainty, Risk and Opportunity in the Sales Pipeline

    For Brainshark, a leading on-demand presentation technology provider, visibility into pipeline risk and opportunity translated to $1.6M in additional revenue!

  • Does Your Pipeline Tell You What Matters Most?

    Today's sales teams are so overloaded with information they have to manage deals by exception. Deals at risk. Strategic accounts. Big deals that could make or break the quarter. But if you can't see those exceptions in your pipeline, you're spending way too much time searching for them.

  • Sales Management Optimization: Key Trends – CSO Insights

    White Paper
    The primary goal of sales management is to create an environment where ordinary people to achieve outstanding results. Gain insights into how to navigate the sales pipeline and forecast management dilemma, ideal sales manager hiring profile, and keys to effective sales manager training.

  • Using Sales Pipeline to Maximize Results – Ventana Research

    White Paper
    Sales is a core business process, one that is essential to sustain a business. For the organization to succeed, its sales function must effectively manage the set of opportunities known as the sales pipeline.

  • Change Analytics: The Key to Proactive Pipeline Management

    White Paper
    While many companies continue to invest heavily in CRM, most don’t maximize the return on those investments. Sales pipeline management is one area where, with the proper approach, companies can drive incremental sales and margin growth.

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Joe Roach,
CRM Project Manager
Joe Roach, <br>CRM Project Manager