Expert: Joe Roach

Topic: Making Salesforce Data Relevant Beyond the Weekly Sales Meeting

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Joe Roach - CRM Project Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Joe is responsible for the CRM application at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has worked for over 10 years in sales operations, technology and software businesses, managing sales reporting and CRM components of the business.

Throughout his career, he has worked with applications including Siebel/Oracle CRM,, Visual Elk CRM, and Cloud9 Analytics. Prior to Thermo Fisher, Joe worked in Sales Operations at ModusLink and was a member of the CRM team at Sepracor.

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Making Salesforce Data Relevant Beyond the Weekly Sales Meeting

When Sales Operations professionals think of Cloud9, it's usually seeing "What's Changed" in their pipeline for more productive weekly sales meetings. Even historical trending for better forecast accuracy. But that's just the start.

In this month's Expert Series Webinar, Joe Roach, CRM Project Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cloud9 power user, showed how he uses Cloud9 Analyst Suite to create specialty reports on the Salesforce data in Thermo Fisher's Cloud9 data warehouse including:

  • Large deal movement insight for Finance
  • Sales rep performance against pipeline building goals
  • CRM account and contact data cleansing
  • And much more...

If you think Cloud9 just helps you win more deals by showing "What's Changed" in your pipeline, the October Expert Series Webinar will change your mind forever.

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