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Jack Sands - CEO, Vforce

Jack Sands is the CEO and Principal of Vforce, a virtual telemarketing company exclusively serving and owned by AAA. He is directly responsible for Vforce's nationwide revenue generation efforts as well as the strategic vision of the company. Jack led the development and implementation of the company's initial business model. Since starting in 1998, he as brought Vforce to profitability in record time, increasing revenues by over 200% each year.

Jack has more than 20 years of sales and marketing and business ownership experience. As an entrepreneur, Jack has created, developed and sold 4 profitable businesses. As a Venture Capital Consultant, Jack has held board positions at several start-ups, including Farnsworth and Wellington, Intrep and Global Printing. As vice president of business development and sales, he grew GE Advertising's revenues from an annual run-rate of $12M to more than $25M in 12 months. Jack received a BA from Farleigh Dickenson University.

Current Topic

Reducing Customer Churn in a Down Economy

Everyone knows AAA - from roadside assistance to insurance. But understanding customer behavior and preferences can make or break membership renewals. That's where Cloud9 Analytics comes in.

In this month's Expert Series webinar, Jack Sands, CEO of Vforce, AAA's renewal arm, discusses how Cloud9 produces the reports and analysis his customers need to fuel customer retention.

In this information-packed presentation, you'll learn:

  • Why Salesforce can't produce Vforce's "Cadillac" report, but Cloud9 can

  • How Cloud9 provides critical customer behavior insights to minimize churn

  • How Vforce uses Cloud9 as a competitive weapon against other service providers

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