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Topic: Pipeline Trending: History Lessons for Sales Success

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    How has Cloud9 affected forecast accuracy?
    Topic posted 04/22/09 by Don Tyler
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    How has Cloud9 affected forecast accuracy?

    Note: We couldn't get to all of the great questions our listeners had in the allotted time. So we thought we'd post these questions here for Scott to answer and spark new questions, ideas, and discussions.

    Scott --

    When Wayne (?) was talking about the products, he talked about forecast accuracy improving as a result of Cloud9. Have you seen this to be true? We've tried a lot of things with Salesforce, but we're still all over the map.



    • posted 04/22/09 by Scott Roose

      Absolutely.  Our forecast accuracy has gone from being off as much as 50% to less than 20%.  It used to be said that the sales forecast was unreliable, now it is used every month and quarter by our executive committee.  Not all of this is due to Cloud9; like every other data analytics / reporting tool your forecast is only as good as your data.  If you have bad data then you have bad forecasts.  Therefore, you have to commit to a standardized process and regular rep / manager reviews to get better data.

      Cloud9 helps us dramatically increase the pipeline forecast visibility which helps apply the right focus and pressure to drive accurate data.