Expert: Rajesh Duggal

Topic: Boosting Revenue Predictability in Unpredictable Times

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    Topic posted 1/21/09 by Admin, last edited 2/17/09 , tagged Rating
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    • posted 1/23/09 by jakester

      Interesting webinar! I would have preferred a little less time on fandango's background. I was impressed by the spreadsheets that Cloud9 generates - I had no idea they could be that complex!

      BTW, I looked all over for the thumbs up/down buttons and couldn't find them until I created an account and logged in. It might help to point this out in future posts.

    • posted 1/23/09 by Tracey Kaufman

      Hi Jake.  Thanks for the feedback!  Re the webinar content, we'll definitely take that into account for future webinars.   Great point re the voting capability - we'll take a look at the site and include some instructions.