Our Story

CRM is moving into its third decade now.  Collectively, companies have spent billions of dollars to capture thousands of petabytes of customer data.  And yet, over the same time period, the needle hasn’t really moved on missed earnings, quota attainment and growth rates.  In fact, today’s typical sales organization continues to be run just as it was in the 90’s—on spreadsheets.

While building the first generation of CRM and BI solutions at Oracle, Siebel and Salesforce.com, our leadership team recognized that it was time to rethink the way companies market and sell.  We formed C9 to empower a new type of sales, called the “Predictive Sales Organization,” that more effectively manages uncertainty by leveraging the power of big data and predictive analytics.  The Predictive Sales Organization goes beyond past efforts to simply capture sales and marketing data.  It synthesizes real-time signals from multiple data sources to understand the trajectory of its organization.  Then it applies a diverse set of techniques to modify behavior on the fly and achieve better, more predictable results.

C9’s mission is to enable the Predictive Sales Organization by delivering the instrumentation sales professionals need to anticipate future events and identify the actions that will have the greatest impact on growth.

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