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Contact Management

Small and mid-size organizations often use just a contact management solution to begin supporting sales. A contact management system is attractive because it’s low priced and easy to use. As a business grows, however, it soon runs into some of the contact management system’s limitations, and often the business will turn to

Migrating from a contact management system to a CRM solution opens an entirely new world to the sales manager who is no longer limited to just contact management. Because is delivered as a service, unlike traditional CRM or contact management solutions, managers are often astounded by the resources and abilities available to them now almost with the flick of a wrist.

With old-fashioned CRM solutions, for example, a sales manager would have to work with IT to set up outside data mining and wait about a year to receive insight into how to make his team more productive. It’s no wonder so many companies would only use contact management software. 

Now, new on-demand services from Cloud9 Analytics are extending the basics of CRM solutions by crunching a company’s historical information on the fly and seamlessly inserting critical insights and other useful information right into Salesforce dashboards.

Cloud9 Analytics provides up-to-date “what’s changed” information to track the speed and effectiveness of your sales team and sales process per deal.

Improving sales team effectiveness has never been so easy. Welcome to the post-contact management era!

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