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CRM software is one of the great accomplishments of the past few years. When first introduced, CRM software was hailed as the be-all, end-all solution for sales teams. Indeed, along with sales performance management companies, consistent training and well-targeted incentives, CRM software is one of the finest tools a sales manager can have.

But every good manager keeps an eye out for new tools, even as they use what they have.  And many good managers are starting to get very excited about a new way to make their CRM software information come alive and work for them during the sales cycle.

Today, three things are revolutionizing how you manage your sales team:  service-based solutions, “analytics in the sky” and a BlackBerry.

Cloud9 Analytics provides on-the-fly analytics that plug into your CRM software solution.  As you look through the familiar screens in your CRM software, Cloud9 Analytics data appears right on some of these same screens, giving you new, drillable insights such as how your team is performing this month compared to last. 

But the biggest and most important addition Cloud9 Analytics brings to your CRM software solution is the “What’s Changed” function, which tracks every important sale in your CRM software and sends emails –wherever you are – telling you what’s changed for every sale.

These Cloud9 Analytics tools give you amazing, painless insights into your sales performance challenges together with information you need, sent to you immediately so you can track performance and coach your people to higher success. has revolutionized CRM.  No longer are powerful, customized tools only for “the big guys” who have an extra $100K, an unused data warehouse and a spare six months available. With the new, service-based solutions, managers have begun taking a different look at the information they and their team are entering into the customer relationship management system.

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