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Customer Relationship Management

Traditional customer relationship management systems are there to monitor sales reps.  Many of these reps spend a good portion of their time with no reward entering information into the customer relationship management system only because it’s in their job description.

It’s not surprising then that a large percentage of customer relationship management systems are used for the wrong purpose or not at all. Among the common problems:  sales reps who shirk their data input tasks, people who ignore the process and managers who don’t see an obvious benefit from using the customer relationship management system.

Let’s face it, you can carrot and stick your employees all you want, but the best way to get people to use the customer relationship management system is to give them results they can use to sell more, achieve shorter sales cycles, connect with resources that will help them close deals and gain insights into how they should be selling.

Sound impossible?  Not any more.

With Cloud9 Analytics, managers have struck gold – unearthing useful information inside of their own customer relationship management systems. Cloud9 Analytics is an on-demand analytics service that snapshots all the information your company puts into its Salesforce application – including the history of all of your sales cycles. Cloud9 Analytics crunches this data and gives you the results right in your Salesforce customer relationship management system screens or emailed to you.

Your customer relationship management system is no longer just a big  monitor.  Overnight, it’s turned into your new best friend. 

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