Does Your Pipeline Tell You What Matters Most?

Today’s sales teams are so overloaded with information they have to manage deals by exception. Deals at risk. Strategic accounts. Big deals that could make or break the quarter. But if you can’t see those exceptions in your pipeline, you’re spending way too much time searching for them.

In this month’s Expert Series webinar, Gay Thorne, VP of Sales Operations, Support and Engineering for Covad Communications shared how she has implemented the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite to support an exception management-based sales process that rolls up all the way to the company’s CEO.

Learn how Cloud9 has helped Covad to:

  • Provide sales managers with critical self-service pipeline exception reporting
  • Run more efficient weekly sales meetings
  • Save sales managers hours and hours of data jockeying

We are consistently running smarter more effective weekly meetings, easily identifying opportunities and deals at risk.
Joe Roach,
CRM Project Manager
Joe Roach, <br>CRM Project Manager