Increasing Win Rates

Are You Sure Your Team Is Working On The Right Deals?

Closing deals takes persistence and a knack for doing the right thing at the right time with the right opportunity. But sales managers are often frustrated that their team is spending too much time on deals that don’t close on time – or ever. Would you like to know what to do to eliminate deals that result in no decision in the forecast period?

Cloud9 pipeline management solutions provide crystal-clear visibility into what’s changed in your pipeline month-to-month, week-to-week, or even day-to-day. So you can instantly see what deals are at risk and what deals don’t have a possibility of closing in the period. Then sales managers can make sure their team is working on the right deals at the right time – proactively.

Opportunity prioritization is critical to increasing win rates so your reps don’t waste time chasing deals that won’t close. Cloud9 also provides daily email watchlist alerts that let you know what key deals are changing so you can quickly allocate the right company resources at the right time.

When sales teams know which deals to focus on and what deals aren’t going to close, it’s simple math: more won deals – and more revenue.

Cloud9 Win Rates Blueprint
  1. Create Email Watchlist Alerts
    These alerts will automatically track important deals and update you on changes every day throughout the quarter.
  2. Work With Reps to Prioritize Opportunities
    Analyze historical close rates by stage, product, deal size and rep to prioritize activity based at different times in the quarter. Focus on moving earlier stage deals early in the quarter and then focus on closing late stage deals as the end of the quarter draws nearer.
  3. Learn About Late Stage Deals
    Look for late stage deals that are forecasted for next quarter that can be pulled into this quarter.

We increased our close rates by 5%, resulting in $400k found money every three months.
Dave Fitzgerald,
Dave Fitzgerald,<br>EVP