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Dynamic Pipeline Management

Dynamic sales pipeline management is the application of business intelligence (BI) to see what has changed in the sales pipeline. This understanding helps sales leadership clearly see emerging risks and opportunities and enable them to focus on ensuring these risks and opportunities are managed to ensure revenue predictability. Dynamic pipeline management goes far beyond sales forecasting tools, pipeline management tools, or pipeline management software to deliver a holistic pipeline management solution - out-of-the-box.

CRM solutions such as Salesforce provide basic pipeline reports or forecasting tools, but do not have the necessary data warehouse capabilities to provide trend or comparison analytics that uncover risks and opportunities in the pipeline. In Salesforce reporting, for example, it is impossible to perform outer joins or multi-object linkages necessary to provide sales teams with the all important "what's changed."

The Cloud9 Pipeline Management Suite s a comprehensive solution comprised of applications, sales pipeline reports, and an advanced self-service reporting engine specifically designed to help sales teams mange their pipeline more effectively. Delivered in a hosted, on demand manner, the Cloud9 Pipeline Management Suite is easy-to-use so that business users can deploy, manage, and maintain their solution with no IT intervention.

Beyond "what's changed," however, is "what does it mean?" Cloud9 Analytics has solved the thorny technology and performance issues surrounding hosted data warehouses so we can concentrate on delivering sales pipeline management best practice on top of the Pipeline Management Suite to deliver a complete solution. This includes what reports you need and when, what is meaningful about what has changed in these reports, and what to do next to take effective action. So instead of business intelligence software, you get business intelligence solutions to really help run your business better.