We have been utilizing Salesforce.com for nine years, which has a lot of great data in it, but Cloud9 gives us more visibility into the pipeline.

Irene Von Toussaint,
Vice President of Operations,
CA Technologies

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Cloud9 Demo See a 3-minute demo of how Cloud9 shows you risks and improves forecasting.

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Sales forecasting and pipeline management have evolved. Forecasting has become a strategic tool that drives sales results thanks to the emergence of technologies and best practices that tie forecasting into how organizations drive revenue and profit. The resources here explain how forecasting and pipeline management have changed and what Cloud9 is doing to help sales organizations take advantage of that change.

  • What is Intelligent Forecasting

    Intelligent forecasting transforms forecasting and pipeline management from guesswork and intuition into data-driven decision-making.

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  • Introduction to Cloud9

    Learn how Cloud9’s innovative solutions and products deliver dramatic improvements in forecasting and pipeline management.

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  • Best Practices

    Learn proven approaches to improving sales performance.

    • Sales Forecasting: See the results of Aberdeen Research’s 2011 study of what leading organizations are doing to forecast and deliver revenue and profit.
    • Sales Coaching: Get a quick checklist for improving coaching with the Cloud9 Sales Coaching Blueprint.

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  • Cloud9 Technology

    Cloud9 solutions are powered by the Cloud9 technology platform, an innovative combination of technologies developed specifically for forecasting and pipeline management.

    • Technology Overview: Read the whitepaper about Cloud9’s innovative technology platform.
    • Smart Data Repository: Learn about the patent-pending technology that enables Cloud9’s powerful change analytics.

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