Cloud9’s forecasting solution … will enable us to move off of time-consuming spreadsheets to a standardized and simplified forecasting process. But even more importantly, it will help our sales managers improve results.

Thomas Eggemeier,

Forecasting & Pipeline Management Best Practices

Optimizing sales performance requires both the right tools and the right processes. The resources below identify key best practices and how organizations are implementing those best practices to deliver leading sales performance.


Pipeline Management

Sales Performance Management

Sales Management and Coaching

  • Sales Management Optimization: Key Trends: Read CSO Insights’s guidance for navigating the sales pipeline and forecast management dilemma, hiring the right sales managers, and training sales managers effectively based on their survey of over 600 organizations.
  • Boost Revenue with More Effective Sales Coaching: One of the most effective levers to increase sales performance and sales rep engagement is effective sales coaching. Hear from Schneider Electric how they are using Cloud9 to support a new sales methodology designed to boost sales performance.
  • Sales Coaching Blueprint: Learn how organizations can use Cloud9 to improve coaching by having better insight into sales performance and into what opportunities are most at risk without proactive intervention.