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Cloud9 Products and Solutions

Cloud9 is focused on empowering sales organizations to overcome the challenges that have prevented them from making the leap to dramatically better performance. Cloud9 does this by providing them visibility and insight into their sales forecast and pipeline that enable them to deliver revenue and profit more successfully than ever before. Learn more about what Cloud9 products and solutions can do for you with these resources.


Cloud9 Demo See how Cloud9 products show you unique insights into your sales forecast and pipeline in this 3-minute demo.

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Cloud9 Solutions

Cloud9 solutions enable organizations to drive business results by providing them actionable insight into their sales forecast and pipeline. Organizations use that information to make decisions and take action to deliver predictable forecasts and revenue.

  • Cloud9 Solutions for Your Sales Organization

    Learn how Cloud9’s innovative solutions and products deliver dramatic improvements in forecasting and pipeline management.

    • Executive Sales Leadership: Cloud9 gives executives the visibility into sales performance that they need to identify and address risks and drive accountability so that they can forecast confidently and hit their targets.
    • Sales Managers: Sales managers use Cloud9 to get the visibility into their teams’ forecast and pipeline that they need to effectively coach and focus their teams to deliver performance.
    • Sales Operations: Sales operations use Cloud9 to uncover and share meaningful forecast and pipeline information that their organization needs without overwhelming themselves with the overhead of administering data and reports.
  • Cloud9 Solutions for Sales Challenges

    From eliminating the pains of spreadsheets to delivering revenue and profit to the bottom line, Cloud9 solutions address critical sales challenges.

    • Solutions Overview: Visit our Solutions web page to learn what types of challenges you can address with Cloud9 solutions.
    • Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite: Learn about the problems that Cloud9 products can you solve in our Products website.
    • Cloud9 Overview: This 3-minute video shows ways that Cloud9 can help address your common sales challenges.

Cloud9 Products

Cloud9 products enable sales organizations to reliably forecast and deliver revenue by helping them to understand and manage the risks in their pipeline and forecast.

  • Introduction to Cloud9 Products
    • Cloud9 Products: Our Products web page provides an overview of Cloud9 products and their capabilities as well as access to additional information.
    • Cloud9 Demo: See a quick overview of how Cloud9 can show you insights about your forecast and pipeline that you can’t get from CRM or BI systems in this 3-minute video.
  • How Cloud9 Products Work
    • Live Demo Webinar: To see how sales leaders can use Cloud9 solutions to instantly access opportunity changes, pipeline trends, and sales rep performance, register now for our weekly 30 minute demo webinar.
    • Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite: Learn about Cloud9’s software for forecasting and pipeline management in this datasheet.
    • Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit: Read this datasheet to learn about tools that enable Cloud9 analysts to directly access their Cloud9 data repository to create advanced reports and custom analyses.
  • Impact of Cloud9 Products
    • Building the Business Case for Sales Analytics: Hear Nucleus Research discuss sales analytics and the ROI of leveraging them to improve productivity and predictability in the sales pipeline.
    • ROI Calculator: Calculate a quick estimate of the bottom-line impact that Cloud9 can bring your organization by increasing win rates and decreasing administrative overhead.
    • Managing the Sales Pipeline: Hear Brainshark, a leading on-demand presentation technology provider, explain how visibility into pipeline risk and opportunity translated to $1.6M in additional revenue!