June 22, 2009

Dear LucidEra Customers,

In this uncertain time, we at Cloud9 Analytics want you to know that we are ready to help you retain and grow your ability to effectively manage your sales pipeline. The Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite is the premier pipeline analytics solution for Salesforce and is helping organizations of all sizes globally improve win rates, increase forecast accuracy and boost CRM adoption.

In the past two years, Cloud9 has built a strong and vibrant customer base built on providing "what's changed" insight across all objects in Salesforce delivered as an application tab in Salesforce, through emailed reports and dashboards and via mobile watch lists. Cloud9 also provides robust tools for creating your own dashboards and reports based on any data in your Cloud9 data warehouse. All delivered as a service with minimal IT involvement.

I want to personally invite you to speak to a Cloud9 representative so we can determine if Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions are right for you. We understand that not all LucidEra customers were leveraging the LucidEra platform for pipeline management and the last thing we want to do is try and force-fit our solution where it won't provide you with compelling, bottom-line results. But if you are truly interested in better managing your sales pipeline, I think you will be truly interested in Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions.

Lastly, I want to assure you that Cloud9 Analytics will be there when you need us. Earlier this month, we closed another round of funding that will enable us to continue to innovate on our award-winning solutions and provide the kind of support and pipeline management best practices that our customers today rave about. I welcome the opportunity to make LucidEra customers a fan of Cloud9 as well.


Swayne Hill
Cloud9 Analytics

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