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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite Overview

In this 30 minute Webinar, get an overview of the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite, everything sales leaders need to instantly access opportunity changes, pipeline trends, and sales rep performance. See how Cloud9 can help you:

  • See what’s changing in your pipeline that Salesforce just can’t show
  • Focus on exceptions that can make or break your quarter
  • Run sales meetings much more efficiently
  • Hold reps accountable for accurate deal data

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Cloud9 Expert Series Webinar - Featured Webinar

Cloud9 Webinar

Cloud9 Expert Series Presents: How Sales Management Delivers Revenue Predictability with Cloud9

For senior executives, accurate forecasts and revenue predictability go hand in hand. And even if the forecast isn’t exactly what they expected, having confidence in the numbers makes all the difference in the world. Because if you know what you’re up against, you can manage it. It’s uncertainty that undermines confidence in any forecast.

Join Luis Curet, Senior Vice President, Americas for M86 Security in this month’s Cloud9 Expert Series Webinar to learn how he ensures that senior executives and board members at M86 Security receive rock-solid monthly numbers with Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator.

See how Cloud9 provides Luis and his sales managers with the tools they need to deliver accurate forecasts and exactly how he and his team have delivered:

  • Unprecedented revenue predictability all the way up to the board level
  • Visibility into “What’s Changed” in the pipeline that has dramatically improved sales productivity
  • Exceptionally productive weekly sales meetings

As a sales leader, Mr. Curet’s management-level perspective as to what makes his team more productive is invaluable for organizations looking to improve sales productivity and forecast accuracy.

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Cloud9 Webinar

Cloud9 Expert Series Webinars - Archive

Every month, a Cloud9 customer shares their experience with Cloud9 Pipeline Management solutions in an interactive 45-minute presentation. Learn how organizations are increasing win rates, boosting CRM adoption, and improving forecast accuracy with real, detailed case studies.

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Gay Thorne, Covad Communications
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Ellen Colket, JMJ Associates
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Mike Rossi, Cloud9 Analytics
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Jim Dickie, CSO Insights
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Scott Roose, InContact
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Rajesh Duggal, Fandango
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