Performance Management Applications Turbocharge Time To Value for Sales Leaders

Excerpt: Recently, a conversation took place between a sales manager and a sales operations analyst at a large global enterprise. It went something like this:

Sales Manager: “I spend way too much time on reporting, can’t run a coherent sales meeting to save my life, and have no way to know if my forecast is accurate or not.”

Sales Operations: “There are some great BI tools out there that will let you build any sales report or dashboard. Some even come with customizable templates. Want to take a look?”

Sales Manager: “Did I also tell you I carry a quota? And have a team to manage? I don’t have time to become a BI expert!”

Sound familiar? While it’s true that Business Intelligence (BI) tools and platforms have gotten smarter in recent years, the end result is still the same: if you want a report or a dashboard, you have to become a BI expert. In sales, that just isn’t scalable.

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We increased our close rates by 5%, resulting in $400k found money every three months.
Dave Fitzgerald,
Dave Fitzgerald,<br>EVP