Analyst Suite

Every organization and every sales process is unique, and no matter how comprehensive out–of–the–box Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management solutions may be, sometimes it’s necessary to create specialized reports. The Cloud9 Analyst Suite, comprised of powerful report and dashboard building capabilities, makes it easy to do ad–hoc reporting, deep pipeline investigation, and custom reporting on your Cloud9 data warehouse.

Analyst Suite features include:
  • Easily build custom reports with Cloud9′s Excel add-on
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Integrate data from other sources

Create and Share Custom Reports in Excel
A powerful Excel add–in that enables sales operations professionals to create and share custom reports from their Cloud9 data warehouse in the cloud.

Build Your Own Dashboards
Cloud9 Dashboard Administrator enables sales support to build meaningful, compelling, and mission–critical dashboards across any Salesforce objects or fields in the Cloud9 data warehouse.

Import Data From Anywhere
Organizations can use Cloud9 Importer to integrate data from external enterprise systems into their Cloud9 data warehouse. This gives users the same historical reporting capabilities for their imported data as are available for their CRM data.

We increased our close rates by 5%, resulting in $400k found money every three months.
Dave Fitzgerald,
Dave Fitzgerald,<br>EVP