By deploying Cloud9, we improved our forecast closure rate and realized roughly $400,000 of found money every three months.

Dave Fitzgerald,
Executive Vice President, Brainshark

Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit


Get More from Your Data
Learn more about how the Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit enables you to uncover insights in your data that you can’t get from your CRM system or spreadsheets.

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Find Powerful Insights Hidden in Your Data

Your sales organization has access to more data than ever before, but that hasn’t made it easy to make your numbers. Too little data isn’t the problem—your CRM system can already show you plenty of data. The problem is figuring out what that data means so that you can make better decisions.

Cloud9 solutions help find the valuable insights hidden in your data. Because Cloud9’s unique data repository tracks the full history of changes in your CRM data, Cloud9 can help you see and analyze that data in ways that are impossible or impractical with traditional databases, BI systems, CRM systems, or spreadsheets.

Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit gives your sales analysts direct access to the data repository created when you deploy Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting. Using the Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit, you can:

  • Bring together data from multiple sources to get a comprehensive view of your information
  • Access and analyze the full history of your data to find insightful changes, patterns, and trends
  • Create and share reports that provide up-to-date, meaningful insights into the forecast and pipeline
  • Build dashboards that show information you can use to improve sales performance

Bring Together Data to See More

To understand your forecast and pipeline, you need more than just the data in your CRM system. Quota information, compensation plans, and forecast information are just a few examples of information that you need to understand what to do, but that data frequently resides in spreadsheets or other files.

Cloud9 Data Importer, part of the Analyst Toolkit, makes it easy to bring diverse data into the Cloud9 data repository so that you can better understand your forecast and pipeline. Once that data is in the Cloud9 data repository, it is available to Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting and the other tools in the Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit. You can see and analyze quota attainment, pipeline coverage, and other metrics that help you better manage sales rep and sales team performance.

Access and Analyze the Full History of Your Data

Cloud9 Query Builder, also part of the Analyst Toolkit, helps you get more meaning from your data by providing your analysts direct access to your Cloud9 data repository. Using Query Builder’s intuitive visual interface, your analysts can build queries that are simply not possible in other systems, including Salesforce. That enables you to respond quickly to ad-hoc reporting requests, providing additional valuable insight to your Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting users. Perform complex operations such as full multi-way and outer joins across your historical Salesforce data, including all custom fields and objects. Perform in-depth analysis using more than just the data in Salesforce—for example, analyze lead stages, quotas, and customer demographics for additional insights.

Deliver Meaningful Reports, Automatically

Cloud9 Reports makes it easy to provide key information and insight to your sales organization. Quickly build custom reports based on queries created with Cloud9 Query Builder, incorporating analysis of changes and history that you can’t get from your CRM system or BI tools. Schedule automated distribution of reports to people and teams to ensure that your sales organization automatically has up-to-date information available at their fingertips.

Build and Share Rich Dashboards

Cloud9 Dashboards enables you to build dashboards that deliver targeted information and insight into the sales forecast and pipeline. Going beyond what is possible with your CRM system, it enables you to create multi-chart dashboards across any Salesforce objects or fields and make them available to your sales organization.

Cloud9 Dashboards leverages Cloud9’s unique change analytics technology to analyze changes and trends, making them powerful analytic tools for the entire sales team.

To learn more about the Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit Suite, read the datasheet or contact Cloud9.