Cloud9 Analyst Suite

Introducing the Cloud9 Analyst Suite - everything sales operations professionals need to create custom reports - including trends and comparisons - for deep pipeline insights.

Cloud9 knows that every organization and every sales process is unique. And we know that no matter how comprehensive our out-of-the-box Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions are, some time it's necessary to build your own. That's where the Cloud9 Analyst Suite comes in.

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Comprised of powerful report and dashboard building capabilities, the Cloud9 Analyst Suite makes short work of ad-hoc report requests, deep pipeline investigation, and custom reporting on your Cloud9 data warehouse. The Cloud9 Analyst Suite includes:

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator - A comprehensive pipeline management application delivered over the Internet as a service that enables sales managers to really understand what is changing in their pipeline.

Cloud9 for Excel - A powerful Excel add-in that enables sales operations professionals to create and share custom reports and dashboards from the Cloud9 data warehouse in the cloud.

Cloud9 Messenger Service - A comprehensive report and dashboard delivery service, putting critical pipeline analytics in the hands of all key stakeholders - automatically.

Cloud9 Solution Sets - Pre-built Excel workbooks for Weekly Sales Meetings and Monthly Forecast Assessments that show changes in pipeline as well as trending analysis, automatically delivered by Cloud9 Messenger.

Cloud9 Report Accelerator - A powerful Web-based report and dashboard manager for sharing and viewing reports and dashboards on the Web, in Salesforce, and via email.

Be a Sales Team Hero

The Cloud9 Analyst Suite is so powerful, sales executives will never look at you the same way again. Ad-hoc queries or reports? A snap. Custom reports and individualized dashboards? A breeze. Strategic investigation of emerging pipeline and sales process trends? Just a few clicks away. Go on. Be a sales team hero.