Cloud9 for Excel

Unleash your Salesforce data. Quickly, easily and securely.

Cloud9 for Excel - delivered as an Excel add-in - provides you with unrestrained access to Cloud9's on-demand "data warehouse in the cloud", unlocking all of your Salesforce data and refreshing it on a daily basis.

As part of the Cloud9 Analyst Suite, Cloud9 for Excel lets you create comparative and trend reports right within Excel from any Salesforce data with point-and-click simplicity. The high cost, enormous effort, and long wait required by traditional data warehouse approaches is a thing of the past with Cloud9 for Excel.

Respond quickly to any ad-hoc reporting request from your sales team. Cloud9 for Excel arms sales operations professionals with a powerful visual report builder to generate even the most daunting reports easily across any combination of Salesforce data.

Extend the power of Cloud9. While the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator focuses on the Salesforce data relating to the sales pipeline, Cloud9 for Excel lets you perform analyses on all the data in your CRM system, including all custom fields and objects.

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Point. Click. Publish.

  • Link objects, select variables, order columns and sort them quickly and easily
  • Access Cloud9 for Excel from your Excel toolbar; reports appear instantly in the familiar spreadsheet format.
  • Create one report and publish to multiple Salesforce users, maintaining the security established within Salesforce and the role hierarchy for each user.

Trend and compare

  • Specify any two points in time to create comparative reports.
  • Trend at any frequency across any time interval to show the patterns of movement within the data.
  • Access a complete historical record of your organization and easily create sophisticated time-based and comparison reports.

Make complex reporting easy

  • Overcome traditional reporting limitations.
  • Create reports that normalize currencies across global operations.
  • Calculate sales cycle duration or anything else that depends on the time between two dates.
  • Create role-based reports that can be generalized for broadcast/publication by applying the Salesforce role hierarchy.
  • Leverage full multi-way and outer join support.

Keep your data secure

  • Protect all of the data you access automatically with the security policy already established in Salesforce.
  • Eliminate need to build and manage a separate security model or maintain a data store outside of Salesforce for compliance purposes.
  • Control access to only data that users are authorized to see when creating or consuming a report.