Cloud9 Messenger Service

Management dashboards delivered as Excel workbooks.

As sales executives and managers, you are often too busy - and too mobile - to manually check on line reports and dashboards, yet you have a critical need to stay on top of your team's performance.

To solve this challenge, the Cloud9 Messenger Service delivers complete management dashboards as multi-view, multi-sheet Excel Workbooks. These files are sent as e-mail attachments on a scheduled basis, to keep you informed wherever you are.

The Cloud9 Messenger Service comes with pre-built Solution Sets based on sales best practices to support common time-based sales activities including weekly sales meetings and monthly forecast assessments.

For customers with more specialized needs, Cloud9 offers custom dashboard development as a professional service. Many customers have chosen to configure the Cloud9 Messenger Service to exactly match existing corporate standards for data presentation, analytics, formatting and layout.

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"We could immediately tell that this was not yet another standard reporting system or a general-purpose analytics package, but rather a fully developed solution that directly addresses the biggest challenges that sales executives face in effectively optimizing their opportunity pipeline and their sales team's performance. The purpose of Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is to actually increase sales, not just to improve reporting."

Jim Dickie
Managing Partner
CSO Insights