Forecast Accelerator

Why repeat history when you can beat it?

Improve forecast accuracy. Manage and predict pipeline coverage. Reduce risks of forecasting errors.

Forecast Accelerator uses the sales team's past performance to help sales managers create more accurate forecasts and provides instant sales forecast handicapping - by team and by individual rep. View your team's historical performance trends and monitor their ability to make their numbers by tracking forecast, goal attainment and pipeline conversion.

With Forecast Accelerator, your sales team can hit their numbers in a more predictable way.

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Improve Forecast Accuracy

Turn forecasting guesswork into science. Use objective coverage ratios based on actual historical performance to improve your forecasting accuracy. Better forecasts hold the sales team accountable as you coach for success.

Handicap Forecasts Instantly

Instant insights give you a reality check on all forecasts based upon past performance and trending.

Allocate Resources More Efficiently

Instant access to trending information along with the ability to handicap and measure forecasting accuracy lets you allocate your resources more efficiently for a higher win rate.

Forecast Accelerator delivers.

Historical Trending on Forecast, Goal Attainment and Pipeline Conversion Rates

  • View period-by-period forecast/pipeline coverage, historical attainment, pipeline conversion rates and the value of deals already closed.

Forecast Gap Analysis

  • See your current pipeline coverage and compare with average monthly coverage and average monthly attainment to identify the gap amount.

Insight into Forecast Accuracy Drivers

  • Identify and track forecast accuracy drivers affecting your team's forecast models.

Faster, Clearer Decision Making

  • Interconnected summary and detail views of your entire role hierarchy keeps your context in view for all levels of detail.
  • Seamlessly move from high-level forecasting handicaps down to the detailed history of forecast vs. attainment for standard time periods.

Multiple Views in Custom Tabs

  • Open multiple Forecast Accelerator views, each in its own tab.
  • Pre-configured tabs let you quickly compare and analyze forecast performance from different reps or teams.
  • Easily export any views to support ad hoc analysis, collaboration, and modeling using industry standard desktop office applications.

One Dashboard for Your Entire Team

  • View performance for your entire team in one drillable dashboard.
  • Easily benchmark current forecasts against historical norms by division, team, and/or rep.
  • Display the current, commit-based forecast for everyone in your Salesforce role hierarchy.

Easy Configuration to Support Your Forecast Methodology

  • Forecast Accelerator's industry best practices can be configured and further refined to match your organization's particular metrics and forecasting methodology.

"What you sell is no longer the secret weapon to winning. The companies that are winning today are those that can best use the lessons of the past to take control of their future. By mapping historical patterns of performance to forecasts, organizations can identify potential shortfalls before it's too late and make better decisions - rather than guesses - about the next steps in the selling process."

Jim Dickie
Managing Partner
CSO Insights.