Intelligent Forecasting

To improve forecasts, sales organizations need to understand how their organizations perform in meeting their numbers and the factors behind their performance. Although CRM applications and spreadsheets can provide valuable reports on account activity and current forecasts, they do not provide the visibility into what has changed in the sales pipeline that you need to take fast action and create more accurate forecasts.

Cloud9 gives you the ability to go beyond just reporting the state of sales activity to actively managing sales performance. The Cloud9 Sales Performance Suite provides a set of solutions that increase visibility, analysis, and management of the sales pipeline in order to improve sales forecasts.

Key Benefits:
  • Rich insight into sales performance: see conversion rates, on/off model exceptions, comparisons to historical models, and performance of individual sales representatives
  • Deliver dramatically more accurate forecasts: bring deeper understanding of historical performance and success factors into forecasting, incorporate management judgment and overrides into forecasts, and enable proactive focus on exceptions

Understand Sales Performance
With Cloud9 you can go far beyond what is available in CRM applications. The Cloud9 Sales Performance Suite captures historical data to provide a time-based “what’s new” view of events so that sales teams can proactively address risks and new opportunities.

With Cloud9 you can review forecasts in whatever time period best matches your business, see conversion rates between pipeline stages, review both deal-level and aggregate-level on/off model exceptions, and compare against historical models of success. These insights enable you to focus attention on the riskiest parts of the business and identify where to take action.

Deliver Accurate Forecasts
Cloud9 Intelligent Sales Forecasting enables sales organizations to actively manage their sales performance and increase the accuracy of sales forecasts. It provides you the insight and ability to incorporate management judgment (overrides) into forecasts. It also provides insight into historical performance and models of success that you can use to assess forecast risk and take corrective action based on variables including stage, forecast category, close date, and amount.

With the new sales forecasting solution from Cloud9, with just a few clicks, sales teams can focus on exceeding their revenue targets and quotas.
Mark Smith,
CEO and chief research officer Ventana Research