Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite Enterprise Edition

The First Integrated Performance Management Dashboard for Sales Managers

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite just got better. With Enterprise Edition, sales managers using Salesforce CRM now have the comprehensive performance management dashboard they've always dreamed of.

By integrating goals (quotas) and actuals (bookings) with "What's Changed" in your pipeline, sales managers now have a "one-stop shop" to see how they are progressing against their forecast. Plus with the new integrated pipeline movement chart, sales managers can quickly see not only what's changing in their pipeline, but why things are changing.

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Integrating Goals and Actuals

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite Enterprise Edition seamlessly imports team and individual goal data from spreadsheets or Incentive Compensation Systems as well as actuals from your organization's financial system of record into your Cloud9 data warehouse. Then this data is presented alongside current sales pipeline data for the most accurate and easy-to-use view of pipeline performance possible. No more "stare and compare" between Salesforce dashboards, spreadsheets, and ERP reports.

Drillable Pipeline Movement Chart

Also new in Cloud9 Pipeline Management Suite Enterprise Edition is the drillable pipeline movement chart. Historically, sales managers have been frustrated because CRM systems don't let them see what's changing in their deals over time.

With Cloud9, however, the drillable pipeline movement chart shows them graphically what has changed in their deals over any time period. Then, with a simple click on a particular category, they get a list of all the deals that make up that change.

Email Notifications

Too busy to go into Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator and check what's changing in your pipeline? Not to worry. With Cloud9 Email Notifications in Enterprise Edition, administrators can set automatic notifications via email. Sales managers receive an HTML email listing what is changing in their top deals by category (e.g., new, closed/won, deferred, etc.) and direct links to the opportunity list detail in Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator. So they get the information they need the way they want - anytime, anywhere.

More To Love About Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite Enterprise Edition also provides sales leaders with everything else they have come to depend on with Cloud9, including:

  • Pipeline investigation over time, comparisons to previous periods, and custom watch lists of key deals
  • Automatic delivery of "What's Changed" reports for running weekly sales meetings
  • Delivery of "What's Changed" in watch list deals to mobile devices anywhere, any time

"We could immediately tell that this was not yet another standard reporting system or a general-purpose analytics package, but rather a fully developed solution that directly addresses the biggest challenges that sales executives face in effectively optimizing their opportunity pipeline and their sales team's performance. The purpose of Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is to actually increase sales, not just to improve reporting."

Jim Dickie
Managing Partner
CSO Insights